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There are lots of decisions to make and most of them are only focused on you but looking ahead at the board state you can really plot out a strategy that involves other players based on their actions.

Your desire for more conquest and exploration must be tethered by your civilization’s economic reality, which means understanding what actions will tax your economy more than others. These might be improvements to weapons, engines, shields or a number of other aspects; all of which will improve your fleet’s chances when they get to grips with the enemy.

Every time you take an action you will move one influence disc off this money track on your player board and onto the taken action space.

Build – Spend some of your build points to add to your fleet or build a space station to improve your infrastructure. Every component is designed to have its own little niche inside of the game box, and there is virtually no spilling over of components when inside. During the game you’ll be taking discs from your player mat and add them to the action you have taken. I wasn't sure whether my wife would be up for a complex game like this one, but after one play she started to get the hang of it, and now it's a favorite game for us to play.

The more actions you take in a round, the more money you’ll need to pay at the end of the round to maintain your sprawling civilisation. It wouldn’t take much for even a fighter to start posing a serious threat to cruisers and even dreadnoughts. HIGHLY detailed and foreboding gazing over the rest of the board just tempting players to take it on.

Paul: Once again, deep behind enemy lines, we light the fires and wave our torches into the cloudy night sky in the hope that our signals will be seen by our brave allies and that they will parachute in the latest drop of vital Games New supplies.

Players each control one of seven unique factions all bidding to be the biggest and baddest there is, with points available at the end of eight rounds for controlling hexagonal space sectors, discovering technology, winning combat and a few minor activities. Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy (henceforth simply referred to as Eclipse) retools the original space-faring 4X game. My goodness and the big bertha of them all, the GCDS space station sitting smack dab in the middle of the board. Just as with the best eurogames, I loved the last time we played even though I lost fairly convincingly because I was able to execute my strategy and build up a final board state that I was proud of.

By submitting this form, you agree that we may process your information in accordance with these terms. Once you understand what each action does, the game flows fairly smoothly, with only the most extreme sufferers of analysis paralysis prolonging the game’s three-to-four-hour playtime. It’s a game that’s easier to get to the table but still delivers the satisfying intergalactic civilization-building and conflict that I crave. I enjoy direct interaction when everyone’s fighting each other, and the victor of one combat is likely to be the loser elsewhere. Eclipse is a "4X" game where players will command a human or alien species that explores, expands, exploits, and exterminates their way to victory.If there is a note of caution I should sound it’s that a game like this certainly isn’t for everyone. I've looked all day and although I can find the other small extras elsewhere, Remnants is only available on Lautapelit. Starting off with a basic fleet of ships and a unique race of aliens (or the blander humans), you will forge your way across the galaxy, exploring new locations and upgrading your technology to create a unique faction. I’m sure that you could play it in a more aggressive way than we have so far, but it certainly won’t have the sparkle that it will have when multiple players are vying for the same spots with their uniquely built ships.

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