Unstable Unicorns, Here To Slay, Card Game, Ages 14+ , 2-6 Players, 15-90 Minutes Playing Time

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Unstable Unicorns, Here To Slay, Card Game, Ages 14+ , 2-6 Players, 15-90 Minutes Playing Time

Unstable Unicorns, Here To Slay, Card Game, Ages 14+ , 2-6 Players, 15-90 Minutes Playing Time

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It balances the different actions really well (making attacking monsters a high-stakes, all or nothing move) and allows players to have big turns playing lots of cards or draw several cards at once when they start running low. Here to Slay is an adorable and brutal new card game that is perfect for players of all skill levels, whether you’re just entering the world of role-playing games or honing your masterful skills. There’s not a lot of risk riding on a game purchase like this, so if it sounds interesting to you, I say go for it and you won’t be disappointed. Though used for quite a few actions and adding further randomness to a game that can already feel like it’s erring on the side of too random, it does make the combat – and consequently, the game – a little less predictable, though not necessarily in a bad way.

Instead of ‘neigh’ cards to block your opponents from playing their cards, you have challenge cards (the closest equivalent to the Unstable Unicorns method of blocking a player move) and modifier cards which can change the result of dice rolls; characters in your party each have abilities which are activated by rolling above the difficulty number next to the ability on the card – roll equal or above that number and the ability can be carried out. It’s an entertaining blend of Unstable Unicorns’ set collection and ‘take that’ elements, with some RPG style dice rolling and monster bashing thrown in. You have to respond to the state of the game each turn and choose the right path of hero collection or monster slaying at the right time. Like its spiritual predecessor Unstable Unicorns, Here to Slay is a highly interactive game in which players will be doing everything in their power to get ahead by tearing other players down at the same time as advancing their own boards. Each player has a party leader card which contributes one class towards their total and provides a benefit – often a +1 bonus to certain rolls.All donations are gratefully received and will help me keep the lights on here – as well as help to keep my writing dream alive! Challenge cards can be played instantly to try to stop another player from playing a hero, item, or magic card. Build a party of valiant heroes, use Magic and Item cards to gain an edge, or roll the dice and try to slay a monster. The hero cards are a combination of the cutest woodland animals with the cutest little faces but you wouldn’t want to mess with them! This includes a special box, unique hero and leader cards, exclusive item and magic cards, and a dice tower.

That said, given the choice, I’d opt to play the slightly more involved and more open Here to Slay, if only because it does give you an awful lot of options and control over what you do in each turn.Whether you enjoy fighters, bards, wizards, or thieves, you'll find a party leader that's right for your play style - but choose wisely, because you only get one party leader for the whole game! In this festive Here to Slay expansion pack, you’ll find new card types, fun holiday artwork, and a brand new win condition! There was even a card that was if you roll a 6 or higher you get a +5 to ALL your rolls if you discard ANY 1 card.

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