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PhotoWeb is a utility to help put photographs on the internet. Given a series of image files, it builds an index page of thumbnails that link to larger versions of the images. PhotoWeb is designed to be simple to use, but it offers enough customizable options to be surprisingly flexible.


Using PhotoWeb

PhotoWeb's functionality is provided entirely within a single dialog:


At the top left left of the dialog is the list of source images that will be indexed by thumbnail by PhotoWeb.  Add new images by clicking 'Add'; remove images by selecting them, then clicking 'Remove'. Unsurprisingly, clicking 'Remove All' removes all of the images from the list.

The order in which the images are added to the list determines the order in which they will be shown in the generated web pages.


To the right of the Image section, there are a number of options controlling how the images will be displayed.

Title will be shown at the top of the index (thumbnails) page, and on any photograph pages that are generated. It can be left blank if no title is required.

Target allows the photographs to be shown in a different frame (or browser window) to the thumbnails. Otherwise, it should be left empty.

CSS File specifies the name of any cascading style sheet file required for the pages. If no CSS file is required, it can be left blank. When specifying a CSS file, its relative path should be entered. (In the example shown, style.css must be copied into the output directory used by PhotoWeb.)

Thumbnails Per Row sets the number of columns of thumbnails that will appear on the index page. As many rows will be created as necessary.

Thumbnail Size is the size, in pixels, of the longer edge of the thumbnails. (The photographs' aspect ratio is maintained when they are scaled.)

Photograph Size is the size, in pixels, of the longer edge of the scaled photographs. If this would result in a photograph being enlarged, it is left at its original size.

Photograph Pages, if selected, creates HTML pages for each photograph and links the thumbnails to these rather than directly to the scaled photographs.

Label Thumbnails, if selected, shows the name of each thumbnail underneath it on the index page.

HTML Templates

This section allows HTML Template files to be selected for the index page and/or the photograph pages. HTML Templates are described in more detail later.

Generated Files

When Generate is clicked, PhotoWeb prompts for the filename to save the index file as. The thumbnails, scaled photographs and any photograph HTML pages are saved in the same directory as the index file.

The thumbnail image filenames are the original image filenames prefixed with "t_". The scaled photograph filenames are the original image filenames prefixed with "p_". Any photograph HTML pages are named the same as the original image filename, but with an ".htm" extension.

It is recommended that a new directory is created to save the index file (and other generated files) into. This directory will then contain just the files that need to be uploaded to the webserver.

HTML Templates

HTML templates allow the HTML pages output by PhotoWeb to be customized considerably. Rather than generating complete HTML pages, PhotoWeb generates HTML fragments and inserts them into an HTML 'template' provided by you.

A PhotoWeb HTML template is an HTML file with special tags enclosed in double-square brackets. These tags show PhotoWeb where to insert its generated HTML fragments.

Two different HTML templates can be defined: one for the index (thumbnails) page, and one for the photograph pages.

Sample HTML template files are installed with PhotoWeb (by default, into "Program Files\PhotoWeb"). These are named "index.htm" and "photo.htm".

Index HTML Template Tags

[[StyleSheetLink]] CSS file URL, as entered in PhotoWeb dialog.
[[Title]] Title, as entered in PhotoWeb dialog.
[[ThumbnailTableRows]] Thumbnail table rows. These should be placed inside a <table> element.
[[Now]] Date and time of page generation.

Photograph HTML Template Tags

[[StyleSheetLink]] CSS file URL, as entered in PhotoWeb dialog.
[[Title]] Title, as entered in PhotoWeb dialog.
[[PhotoName]] Photograph name (filename without extension)
[[IndexLink]] URL of index page
[[PrevPhotoLink]] URL of previous photograph page
[[PrevPhotoName]] Name of previous photograph
[[NextPhotoLink]] URL of next photograph page
[[NextPhotoName]] Name of next photograph
[[PhotoLink]] URL of photograph image file
[[PhotoWidth]] Width of photograph
[[PhotoHeight]] Height of photograph

Download PhotoWeb

PhotoWeb is currently provided free of charge, and I have no immediate plans to change this. No guarantee is given regarding its suitability for any particular purpose, and no liability is accepted for anything that it does. However, I believe it to be safe to use, and I've found it very useful personally!


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