While creating Arachne AVCHDView, we needed an efficient mechanism to generate thumbnails from AVCHD clips. (Although AVCHDView's original purpose is to display the thumbnails that are created by the camera, we wanted to be able to create any missing thumbnails too.)

AVCHDView has built-in support for DirectShow thumbnail creation, but this is quite slow and can be unreliable. From version, AVCHDView can also use the excellent ffmpeg.exe to generate its thumbnails:


If you prefer a Windows Installer, we've created one from the current unofficial FFmpeg Win32 build at http://ffmpeg.arrozcru.org. It's available to download from here.

Please note that this is GPL-licensed software owned by Fabrice Bellard and the FFmpeg project. We have made it available for download from here only for the convenience of visitors to this site, and we believe we have done so in a way that meets GPL requirements. Please contact us if you have any queries.