Arachne AVCHDView

Arachne AVCHDView is a small application designed for users of Panasonic AVCHD Camcorders like the HDC-SD9. It allows you to browse clips recorded with these camcorders by using the thumbnails created with them.

Note that AVCHDView is not an AVCHD Codec or player. There are plenty of these available elsewhere (some free). I've compiled a list of those I've found if you need one.

Download AVCHDView here.

Using AVCHDView

After running AVCHDView, choose 'Open' from the 'File' menu then select a folder to which you have copied AVCHD video files. The folder can either have been copied manually from your camera's SD card, or it can have been created using HDWRITER's copy to hard computer feature. (Note that the filenames used are slightly different, but AVCHDView copes with both alternatives.)  You may need to hunt for the location of your 'HDWRITER' folder. Ideally you should choose one of the following folders:

If you choose BDMV or STREAM, no thumbnails will be available. However, AVCHDView will attempt to generate its own thumbnails. This will probably take a few seconds for each clip.

AVCHDView should then show you a thumbnail for each recorded clip, and details of the clip (its size, and the date and time when it was recorded). Note that the clip date and time may be the time when the clip was copied to your computer if it was copied using HDWRITER. Dates and times are preserved if the directories are copied manually.

Double-clicking on a clip will attempt to play it. You will need to associate .MTS and/or .m2ts files with a video player (like Windows Media Player) and have an appropriate codec installed in order for this to work.


If you're not using a complete set of files (including the thumbnail files) from a compatible camera, you won't see thumbnails immediately. However, AVCHDView will attempt to generate thumbnails for you if you have an appropriate codec installed.

Cameras known to be compatible are:

If you find another model to be compatible, please let us know.

Downloading AVCHDView

AVCHDView is currently available free of charge (and it's likely to remain so). However, you are encouraged to make a £5 donation if you use it regularly in order to encourage future development. Please donate with the Google Checkout or PayPal buttons at the bottom of this page. Donations will be discounted if a charge is ever made for a future version of AVCHDView.

Download AVCHDView here... (for Windows XP or Windows Vista)

You may also wish to install FFmpeg to improve thumbnail generation.

Release Notes

Version (15-Feb-2012)

Version (06-Dec-2009)

Version (13-Aug-2009)

Version (21-Jun-2009)

Version (01-Jun-2009)

Version (31-May-2009)

Version (20-Jul-2008)

Version (15-Jul-2008)

Arachne Software


If you'd like to donate to AVCHDView development, you may do so here. Donations will be discounted if a charge is ever made for a future version of AVCHDView.

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