This site contains information about the version of HyperStudio for Acorn computers running RISC OS, and links to other relevant sites.

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What is it? Why is it here? What can it do?

What is it?

HyperStudio is a Multimedia authoring package which has been designed to be both powerful and very easy-to-use. Versions of HyperStudio are available for the Apple Macintosh, the PC, and for Acorn RISC OS computers.

Why is it here?

Arachne Software has been heavily-involved in the development of the Acorn version of HyperStudio. Consequently, this site is predominantly concerned with the Acorn version.

The Acorn version uses the RiscOopLib C++ Class library which is described elsewhere on this site.

What can it do?

Popular features include:

The Acorn version also includes features familiar to Acorn users:


Release Information

The Latest Release...

Version 3.06 gives Acorn HyperStudio most of the functionality of the latest versions for the Mac and PC. It's most significant new feature is a completely new animation system:

Version 3.06 is available as a free upgrade to existing users of Acorn HyperStudio, although it will probably not be send out automatically to all users. If you would like to upgrade, please contact TAG Developments Ltd on 01474 357350 or by email to care@tagdev.co.uk.

Previous Releases...

Version 3.01, while not introducing many new features, had several significant changes, many minor enhancements and a few bug fixes. It includes:

Version 3.00 brings the functionality of Acorn HyperStudio in line with version 3.0 for the Mac. It includes:

Version 3.00 has been sent out automatically to all registered users. If you have not received your update, please contact TAG Developments Ltd on 01474 357350 or email care@tagdev.co.uk.
New HyperStudio and HyperLogo manuals are available at nominal cost.

Current Availability

I've not worked for TAG since 1998, and they appear to have stopped supporting the RISC OS version of HyperStudio altogether. It may still be possible to buy copies of version 3 from them, but I believe they have run out of manuals.  As of November 2007, CJE Micros have stock.

Significant development was done on HyperStudio 3.06 before I left TAG. This includes a brand new animation system (from Mac/PC HyperStudio 3.1, if I remember correctly) and was used for TAG cross-platform multimedia productions including the TAG/BBC Elmer the Elephant. However, I'm not aware it was ever widely publicised to Acorn HyperStudio users.

If you would like an upgrade to 3.06 and TAG can no-longer help, please drop me an email including your HyperStudio licence key (as proof of purchase) and I'll see what I can do. I can't make HyperStudio upgrades freely available to download from this website because the copyright is owned by Roger Wager Inc (the authors of the Mac and PC versions) and TAG.

Version 3.1 was planned as the next major update after Version 3.06. This was to have included official support for 32 thousand and 16 million colour backgrounds, and the ability to store backgrounds in JPEG format. (It is already possible to use more than 256-colour backgrounds, but not all of the painting tools work, and stack export fails.)  Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely every to happen.  The same is true for the planned Web Browser Plugin. This would have allowed HyperStudio stacks to be embedded into a web browser (such as Fresco or Browse).

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