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David Miller


I founded Arachne while still at school with two school friends (Jim Cameron and Mark Vevers - we'd previously created much of a network filing system for Archimedes and BBC Micros together). I'd written some chemistry-related software (a precursor to Arachne Molecular Modeller) and wished to look like an official company in order to obtain support from Acorn Computers. Arachne's early history can be found elsewhere. Computers had long since been a hobby of mine, so it was great fun making some money from them too.

Since University (I have a Physics degree from Exeter), I've worked as a commercial software developer. I'm currently at Gissing Software, now a Thomson Reuters company.

Another hobby of mine has always been music. When I wished to create some recordings (initially of a choir I was singing in, later as a service to other musicians), I established Arachne Recording.

It's a long time since Arachne has been a profit-making venture, but I maintain this website as a hopefully-useful repository of the various things we've done over the years and a point of contact for anyone still using them. I continue to add occasional free bits of software I've written for myself.